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i guess this is life.

Ii work with these two guys… and they both remind me of one of my ex boyfriends… in all the worst ways, it just makes me want to cry every time i work with them. I feel bad for the women that end up with them and i know thats horrible to say but its true, because ive been there and i know what happens.

also, it sucks when reality slaps you in the face…

I have to find where to finish my architecture degree, he is going to school to be a nurse… he has found his place. the hard part is that i know ill have to go further away to find mine…

I dont except people putting their dreams on hold for others, its just hard watching this go in the opposit way you want them.


Im going to shave my head and donate my hair in the hopes that every boy and girl battling cancer understands that hair isnt what makes you beautiful and that they are stronger than most of the people in this world I know!

and i dont care.

I would never usually post anything like this but i cant help it. He is such an ass. he has no regaurds for anyone elses feelings and im not sure why im surprised because most people in todays society dont either. Im tired of it. He does things that cut straight through my heart and he knows it. But that doesnt stop him. I wish i could erase memories or just put a mental block in so my emotions wouldnt go there. every time its something new and every time it stings just as bad. Unwanted. Unloved. Betrayed. Used. Foolish. HURT…. I dont know where ill end up in life anymore. All i see in blank darkness and i dont care.

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